A closer look at BCD’s Roadmap: BCD Pay

Live Chat and Merchants

Q2 2019

Adding live chat support to the BCD Pay Wallet;
enabling support for merchant directory; integrating into the wallet a list of stores that accept BCD.

Ethereum Network Wallet Integration

Q3 2019

Adding support for Ethereum and ERC20 to BCD Pay Wallet, allowing users to store more assets in the wallet and use as payment methods later on.

Stacking Functionality to allow users to put their tokens into a third party custodian as an escrow for future distribution to another user upon a vetting period.

Adding option to purchase gift cards for popular stores and services using BCD or other cryptocurrencies.

Adding MoonCatcher Quant Trading integration, which will provide a massive catalogue of information for algorithmic trading.

Bank Withdrawals Exchange Options

Q4 2019

Enabling bank withdrawals; announcing country and region support near completion date.

Integration with Shapeshift to trade assets within the wallet.

Springboard Integration to allow wallet users to invest into promising projects before a public sale.

Purchasing Options

Q1 2020

Ability to purchase crypto currency with your bank
or credit card in the wallet.

Download BCD Pay on iOS, Android and Windows

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