A closer look at BCD’s Roadmap

2019 has been an exciting year so far for Bitcoin Diamond. Let’s take a look at what they have accomplished so far and what’s to come down the road for BCD. 

 In the first quarter, they have made significant Wallet Improvements, implementing BCD DNS Server Seeder that greatly improved seed node stability and availability. On top of the seed node network load balancing capabilities, it also reduces the risk of instability throughout the whole network. They upgraded the main network, included support for non-HD wallets to upgrade to HD wallets. They have also added support for external wallet files.

Second quarter saw the BCD team implement the LWMA Algorithm, which can effectively resist timestamp and hash attacks and also improve the ability of POW to resist a 51% attack. Also intended to negate network exploits such as double spend attacks. For the third quarter, they developed the Go Language version of the BCD node to increase the diversity of the network technology and improve network stability as well as resist flaw detection.

This coming fourth quarter, the BCD team will be making Network Upgrades by optimizing the main chain network’s processing capability and improve speed, safety, and stability of payment services. That wraps our view at the BCD roadmap for 2019, let’s see what we have to look forward to in the next year.

In the first quarter of 2020, they are planning a MainNet Function Expansion. What this means is expanding the main network’s non-Turing-Complete function which will optimize the contract function that then in turn improves services for the upper layer of the intelligent payment system. For the second quarter, they will be implementing a Blockchain Browser and Wallet Upgrade by adding new core features and tools for both wallets supporting BCD and API based blockchain browsers. Their plan for the third quarter would be to develop a Smart Payment Platform that will sit on the upper layer of the smart contract to provide convenient API services for the application layer.

This about sums up our look at the BCD roadmap so far but look out for additional announcements from the team at Bitcoin Diamond as they work to bring you the best cryptocurrency experience possible.

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