BCDBTC Volume Analysis Prediction 03/15/2019

BCDBTC Volume Analysis Prediction 03/15/2019

Bitcoin Diamond / Bitcoin BINANCE:BCDBTC

Our main balance goes up. But after a sharp rise, the price quickly returned to the upper balance level 0207.
We got something like pump and a dump.
And now many people asking – and what’s next?
Technically chart looks bullish – breakout and retest the balance 0187-0207.
But current price momentum is bear. I do not recommend to open buy positions while the price is under 0226.
Or you can wait for the price reduction to the bottom of the mini balance (0209) and see the price reaction on this level.
If there will be a bull reaction or a false breakdown (better to see the both), you can buy too.
If we do not see the reaction, you should not rush to buy. Wait for the initiative from buyers.

Buy: area 207-209 or 0196-0200 (with confirmation)
Take Profit1: 0226
Take Profit2: 0241
Take Profit3: 0292

Buy: 0226 (after true breakout)
Take Profit1: 0241
Take Profit2: 0251
Take Profit3: 0292

Stop Loss 1-2%

Priority: Balance
Momentum: Bear

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