Partners with Canada’s Bravio for Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Lotteries has teamed up with Canadian gaming platform Bravio Tech to launch global lotteries in Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) according to an official announcementOctober 9. The initiatives are part of a mutual effort to boost Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) adoption while exploring new innovative products for the e-gaming industry.

A New Lottery Game Experience, a leading web portal in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) services market, has just announced a new partnership with Canadian online sweepstake lottery company Bravio Technologies to deliver a new gaming experience to their customers.

Bravio Technologies is a Canadian gaming industry leader that focuses on providing players with large access to lotto tickets of the world’s biggest jackpots.

Bravio has entered into a Software Licensing Agreement with Saint Bitts LLC, the owner and operator of Bravio will be in charge of developing and supplying a fully decentralized digital lottery featuring Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), fiat currency lotteries, and quick-fire customer abatement ancillary games. The new online gaming platform will then be integrated into

According to the source, the game will include multiple forms of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash digital lotteries. e-wallet holders will gain access to traditional international lotteries, such as the U.S. PowerBall and the U.S. Mega Millions, with the unique feature of choosing the aforementioned cryptocurrencies as a payment option. 

The gaming platform will benefit from smart contracts that fully remove human intervention so that payouts in BTC and BCH will be transparent, anonymous, and instantly transferred to the winner’s account. CEO Stefan Rust has celebrated the new partnership highlighting its importance in the increasing adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

According to Paul Carroll, Bravio CEO, the new collaboration has been triggered by industry demands for new and innovative ways to pay, play and cash-out in gaming lotteries. Mr. Carroll has acknowledged the various opportunities that could arise from the application of blockchain solutions in the gaming market and sees the new partnership with as a unique chance to scale for both the parties. Both companies said that the new platform will be targeting key gaming markets such as India and South East Asia. is one of the world’s most recognized crypto-industry websites. Launched in June 2015 by crypto tycoon Roger Ver with the aim to boost adoption and growth of the Bitcoin network; through the years has made significant strides in the development of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) related services. 

In November 2017, the wallet was ranked third on Google for search terms and was in the top five search results on the Google Play store with roughly 500,000 wallets created. Today has over 4.5 million wallet users.

On September 16, the firm announced a long-term partnership with mobile giant HTC to drive the innovation of crypto technologies in the smartphone industry; HTC’s signature EXODUS 1 smartphones will allow users to support Bitcoin Cash (BCH) without having to download any app.

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