Blockchain developer network TRON’s CEO Justin Sun: criticism of Bitcoin by big business is misplaced

Criticism of Bitcoin (BTC) by big business is misplaced, blockchain developer network TRON’s CEO Justin Sun told CNBC in an interview on March 13.

Speaking to the network about the general state of the cryptocurrency markets, Sun, who is also CEO of BitTorrent after the company bought the file sharing network in June 2018, said their appeal to the younger generation remained unchanged by the current bear market.

“Even if Warren Buffett, he dislikes Bitcoin, but still I think this is a very good opportunity for the younger generation,” he said. Sun added:

“I think Bitcoin is a technology rather than business opportunities.”

Sun offered examples of Bitcoin scaling solutions, principally the Lightning Network, as proof of largest cryptocurrency’s ability to reshape internet evolution.

“I think we are facing the next wave of the internet,” he summarized.

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