Canadian Blockchain and crypto company DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. has energized its new crypto mining facility

Canadian blockchain and cryptocurrency venture, DMG Blockchain Solutions, has energised up to 60 megawatts of its 85 megawatt crypto mine.

The 27,000 square foot mining-as-a-service (MaaS) operation sits on 34 acres in British Columbia and is currently using clean hydroelectric power.

“In our 71 years of business, we have never seen a demand in the electrical manufacturing industry quite like what is being generated from the crypto space,” says Dave Evdokimoff, CEO of Boundary Electric.

“The opportunity to collaborate with DMG on projects has brought to the forefront their commitment to creative solutions facing their industry. Their approach to the design process highlights a partnership strategy focusing on cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.”

“An audacious undertaking”

The facility took nearly a year to complete and included building its own road and installing its own power substation.

“DMG now proudly owns one of the largest, most cost-efficient, Bitcoin mining facilities in North America, and we’re doing it in a responsible way with the local community,” says Dan Reitzik, CEO of DMG Blockchain Solutions.

“It was an audacious undertaking, but our executive team has been in the mining space for years, and we have the know-how and connections with the utilities and government agencies to pull it off.”

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