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The social currency that enriches people’s social lives and makes digital currency easy for the general public.

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@nuonrg @Libra_ @reddcoin What other self sufficient pos crypto has the ability to insure their customers In case of any damage. Something sec/fdic would want?? Lol Sounds like a giants in the shadows

@nuonrg @Libra_ @reddcoin I totally agree and think you guys may be up to something here. #Reddcoin embodies everything #Libra was/is trying to accomplish. It makes perfect sense that instead of launching a project from ground zero that #MarkZuckerberg would look into #REDDCOIN..

Should I do a Reddcoin Giveaway again soon? 🙂

(When we have some news about the wallet!)

#Reddcoin #RDD @reddcoin #Crypto #Altcoins #Altseason #altcoinseason #Giveaway #cryptogiveaway

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