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Status is a free and open source mobile client targeting Android & iOS built, entirely on Ethereum technologies.

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Introducing Subspace: Framework agnostic JS library for Reactive Dapp Development with auto syncing and caching capabilities

The Core App team met to define priorities post v1. Topics Prioritized:
📣 More standard chat features
🔋 Improve issues such as network consumption & battery drainage
📱 UI responsiveness & feature polish

Give your input & help define what comes next

Governance Call Tue Oct 22 @ 18:00 GMT+2. Two proposals in discussion:

1. @usefathom on marketing sites

2. Open @discordapp as community channel

A vote in the SNT Voting DApp will take place the following week. Zoom link to come

Curious how the Status app operates and communicates with itself?

@Corpetty created a diagram of how the back-end (status-go) and the front-end (status-react) communicate based on various types of behavior, which helps identify potential security risks.

Last week, a few of the @ethstatus crew shared their tips for remote working. The advice was so good, we thought we'd share with everyone #remotework
#remoteworking #privacy #security

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