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A powerful and flexible Blockchain Development Platform designed for the needs of real world enterprise and financial services.

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Several stakeholders in the African #blockchain scene say #DLT is the key to solving the developmental issues plaguing the continent as a whole.

Thanks @thefintechtimes for sharing the news about @stratisplatform #hackathon.

#Blockchain technology uses multi-factor identity and multi-step identity verification process that has been researched, developed and proven to provide maximum #data security. The entire blockchain authentication model and the process is hard to hack.

Thanks @crypto_ninjas for spreading the word about @stratisplatform #hackathon. More to come very soon.

Did you get a chance to read this article wrote by @stratisplatform CEO @chrisblockchain about our #cashless society and the effects #blockchain will have ? So interesting. Thanks @financialit_net.
#leadership #entrepreneur #fintech

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