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Zilliqa is a new blockchain platform that is designed to scale in an open, permission-less distributed network securely. The core feature that makes Zilliqa scalable is sharding — dividing the network into several smaller component networks (called shards) capable of processing transactions in parallel.

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Our research and academic legacy is at the heart of who we are. That’s why we are happy to be supporting the on-going #CPP2020 in #NewOrleans, and all on-going #research on practical and theoretical topics of mechanized verification. @poplconf

12 weeks of hard work by our Incubees culminated in the #ZIlHive Demo Day in #Singapore and #Shanghai last month. Proud to have worked alongside @longhashhatch to help bring @ButtonWallet @MintableApp @Soundario Depos and Brightree’s ideas to life:

Zilliqa is delighted to collaborate with #TribeCodeAcademy to host a developer bootcamp. It is designed to provide hands-on coding experience with real projects built on $ZIL. Limited slots available with 100% scholarships. Apply by 31st Jan 2020!

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