QuarkChain Embarks Buyback $25 Million Program With Extend Lockup Period for 1 Billion QKC

QuarkChain Mainnet has recently opened the transaction function. The whole project is progressing smoothly and the team is consistently working on building more innovative features.

To show the long-term faith of the project and enhance the confidence of the community, QuarkChain team and foundation decided to launch an up to $25 million USD equivalent QKC buyback program. Meanwhile, we will postpone the unlock time of 1 billion QKC (belong to the team and the foundation) until June 2020. The details of this plan are given as follows:

I: $25 Million USD Equivalent QKC Buyback Program

From the announcement date, QuarkChain will buy back at least $1 million QKC from the secondary market in the coming week. Depending on the condition of the future market, up to $25 million equivalent QKC will be bought back within the next year for the purpose of ecosystem and community building.

II: 1 Billion QKC Extended Lockup

The team and the foundation will postpone the unlock period for 1 billion QKC until June 2020.

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